Your career in geological engineering

Geological engineers are uniquely trained to be sensitive to geological uncertainty and natural variation in the soil, rock and subsurface fluids, while at the same time having a problem-solving and applications skill set that allows them to develop innovative solutions to environmental problems. Geological engineers are often involved in designing waste storage facilities, or groundwater cleanup plans. Geological engineers might also become environmental experts with respect to petroleum and gas facilities or operations. Finally, many geological engineers work on mitigating the hazards posed by environmental and geological processes such as landslides, earthquakes and flooding.

Where do geological engineers work?

S&T geological engineering grads work for federal or state agencies or for construction, petroleum, or mining companies. Many geological engineers are hired by environmental firms or renewable energy companies, and work all over the country, and, in fact, the world. 

The average starting salary for S&T geological engineering grads is $55,333.