The geological engineering program offers a master of science in geological engineering, as well as a doctor of philosophy and doctor of engineering in geological engineering. To apply.


The geological engineering program offers an online master of science in geotechnics. This degree program is open to graduates with a bachelor of science in engineering, geology or other “hard science.” To apply.

Recent research projects include:

  • Designing excavating tools for geomaterials on earth and in space
  • Studying blasting efficiency for enhancing productivity in the mining industry.
  • Applying mining methods to potential space mining applications
  • Reducing the size of asteroids on potential collision courses with Earth
  • Global sustainability
  • Shale gas and other unconventional energy sources
  • Geologic membrane processes
  • Developing a rock fall hazard rating system for Missouri highways
  • Using LIDAR to research the rock raveling process
  • Multivariate cluster analysis of borehole discontinuity data
  • Developing a virtual geotechnical database for the greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area
  • Bridge deck delamination studies using ground penetrating radar
  • Detection of underground mines and caverns using geophysical methods
  • Subsurface imaging in Karst Terrain
  • Bridge pier scour investigations
  • Applying stochastic analysis to groundwater remediation design
  • Developing sustainable point of use drinking water systems in developing areas
  • Using renewable energy systems to power active groundwater pumping and remediation systems
  • Characterizing the reliability of wind and solar energy system prediction models

The geological engineering laboratories are well equipped for research related to:

  • Physical and hydraulic properties of rock
  • Groundwater hydrology
  • Remote sensing

A groundwater hydrology laboratory is equipped to conduct research in subsurface fluid flow and computer facilities are available for the modeling of flow through porous media.